My Griffin

How much is that griffin in the window  It had been a long day in Siena. My family and I were walking along the Via Terme back to the Blue SITA buses when I saw him in the store window: a griffin clutching a ball. I stopped and stared. A larger version of this creature … More My Griffin

A Book Binge

Claire Dunkel, the author of THE HOLLOW KINGDOM, once wrote that she never reads other people’s novels when she’s in the middle of writing one of her own books. This was years ago, and she very well may have changed her approach.  But I thought there was something to that.  I still do read, but … More A Book Binge

Researching Craft

Why on earth would I place lessons learned on the writing craft under the researching category instead of the section on writing?  For me, studying the writing process really is separate from actually sitting down and doing it.  Naturally, there will be some crossover.  Character, plotting, and voice are also inextricably linked, but editors will try … More Researching Craft

Toads and Diamonds

Last weekend, I attended a SCBWI Missouri retreat with editor Cheryl Klein. I might come to think of it as the “Toads and Diamonds” retreat. Word gems dropped from Cheryl’s mouth almost every time she opened it during her critiques and presentations.   My notebook is filled with her observations on characterizations, plotting and voice.  Many writers … More Toads and Diamonds