A Pressing Problem

I was going through the comments that my friend Gina made  on my SCARAB manuscript when I found the following: “Kate presses her lips together quite a bit.  Check for this.”  Using the search function on my computer, I did just that.  Not only did Kate press her lips together quite a bit, she and a few … More A Pressing Problem

Adding Local Color

In SAVING THE GRIFFIN, laurel hedges were rather important to my plot.  That’s why I took time to describe these evergreen leaves.  The trees and plants weren’t quite as important in my novel set in Egypt, but I still needed to establish a sense of place.  When you’re moving your characters through various forms of … More Adding Local Color

Al-Ahzar Park

While I didn’t set a scene at Al-Ahzar Park, my characters visited it between the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another.   It also came up in conversation a number of times for various reasons.  So of course, I had to go.   Several supporting characters in my novel belong to the same ex-pat family.   While … More Al-Ahzar Park

Kentucky Bluegrass Master List: Music to my Ears!

I found out yesterday that Saving the Griffin made it onto the  Kentucky Bluegrass Awards Master List for grades 3-5!  This is Kentucky’s children’s choice award program.   Students will vote for their favorites next Spring. It’s so exciting to know that my book will be in a really high percentage of public and elementary school … More Kentucky Bluegrass Master List: Music to my Ears!

Like a Jane Austin Novel with Less Clothes….

I can certainly understand why Terry Pratchett’s novel NATION won so many awards and received so much critical acclaim.  It’s set in a parallel world to ours that has enough changes that he can do what he likes with certain elements of history including a flu epidemic making one of his young characters second in … More Like a Jane Austin Novel with Less Clothes….

At the Khan al-Khalili

Egypt has over 5000 years of recorded history.  Often, people concentrate on the days of the pharoahs from Menes (Narmer) to the suicide of Cleopatra VII.  But Egypt continued to play its part in world history even though it wound up being ruled by a series of invaders: Romans, Arabs, Fatimids, Mumluks, Ottomans, French and English. … More At the Khan al-Khalili