A Bach Symphony?

 I had completely immersed myself ina very nice mystery for kids when I crashed headlong into the following line:  “A symphony, that’s what the place is like–a complex Bach symphony that sharpens your mind even if you can’t comprehend every strand of harmony. ” A Bach symphony?  I knew that J.S. Bach had written preludes, fugues, … More A Bach Symphony?

In Braille

I’m afraid that I have a narcissitic habit of googling my books to see how they’re doing in the world.  Sometimes this can be depressing such as when a teacher or librarian is dismissive of my plot or characters in a blog.  At other times, delightful news can pop up.  That’s what happened today when I … More In Braille


Sometime in the next six months or so, I’ll be revising my YA mystery.  It’s current title is STAND-IN FOR MURDER.  (I’ve learned not to get too attached to titles.  I often think that Marketing–and yes, I did mean to capitalize that word–gets the final say.  They’re the people who know what’s out there and what’s … More Peeled

Writers’ Anonymous

My name is Kristin, and I haven’t written any fiction in two weeks….    Instead of murmuring approval, fellow members of Writers’ Anonymous are likely to offer advice of how to start writing again.  They might ask things like ‘Why has it been so long?’ Well, my daughter graduated from high school at the end of May, and … More Writers’ Anonymous