Letting Go For Awhile

I’ve been struggling with a new first chapter for a novel revision.  It’s been a process of arranging and rearranging words instead of adding to the plot.   But it can be really difficult to draw the reader into the world of your character especially if it’s a fantasy.  It’s important to throw out clues about the setting while appearing to follow the thoughts of your characters who really don’t care about making sure that the audience gets it.  

As a way to pretend that the beginning is set for the moment, I’m sending it off to a few readers. 

I’m might just have to imitate my friend Lynnea, who is having a personal NoWriMo (Novel writing month.)   I like seeing word counts pile up.  It might help me move forward.   I now have 42,084 words.  I don’t imagine that I’ll get much done while in Chicago this weekend for the ALA National Conference, but inspiration can strike at any time.

One thought on “Letting Go For Awhile

  1. Alas, despite the best intentions, I couldn’t leave that first chapter alone. But after another few hours, I really did get it into good enough shape that I feel happy about moving on rather than merely compelled.

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