A Book for Boys?

Well, first I guess that I’ll have to admit to a narcissistic Google habit.   But it is fun to see where my books have turned up.  There is one site that always makes me smile when it turns up in the search.  SAVING THE GRIFFIN is on a list of books for boys. 

Now I know that boys have liked this story. In fact, the young friend of one of my writer friends told her that it was his favorite book.  (I expect that it will be displaced in his heart if it hasn’t been already, but for it to have been anyone’s favorite book for any length of time is something that I treasure.)  The librarian who placed SAVING THE GRIFFIN on the list had probably forgotten that the book’s narrator is a girl. 

But if you look beyond that fact, I can see how it might have happened.  During the novel’s final revision,  I remember discussing the book with my editor in terms of it being Kate’s story.  She said firmly, “It’s Michael’s story, too.” 

I think she was right. 

Yoshiko Jaeggi's fabulous cover
Yoshiko Jaeggi's fabulous cover
A boy similar to Michael
A boy similar to Michael

2 thoughts on “A Book for Boys?

  1. I would just like to say that as both an avid reader of children’s books and as a writer (currently unpublished), I love this book, and can understand why a boy could/would like this story. While narrated by a girl, there is plenty to keep a boy quite interested. It truly is a great story.

  2. Uaou! (Wow!) Thanks! This was definitely a case of my writing the kind of book that I like to read. Best of luck with your writing. Here’s a piece of writing advice from Jane Yolen that helped to keep me going: “Bone-headed stubbornness pays.”

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