Referring to Parents

One of the things that all writers struggle with is figuring out exactly what to call the main character’s parents.  I usually go with Mom and Dad unless I’m writing a fantasy and then I go with the local equivalent.  But I recently ran across a great explanation on Orson Scott Card’s website on exactly why … More Referring to Parents

Four dimensional characters

Every writer learns that it’s important to create three-dimensional characters. The people who come to life in books must occupy fictional space in unique and interesting ways. But because most stories are about a protagonist’s personal journey–even if that person never leaves the backyard–characters should truly be four-dimensional.  The character at the end of the … More Four dimensional characters

The Writers’ Revision Retreat

There is no great writing, only great rewriting.                                  – Justice Brandeis That quote sums up the importance of revision rather nicely.  It will be one of the themes for the 2010 SCBWI Missouri retreat on revision, which will be held April 23-25 at the Trout Lodge YMCA.  I’ll be one of the presenters.  Here’s an excerpt … More The Writers’ Revision Retreat