Holiday Reading

It’s fun to read books set during the various seasons of the year.  This year I reread THE DARK IS RISING by Susan Cooper. It’s set during an unexpectedly rough twelve days of Christmas in England.  If you had the bad fortune to see the film of  the same name and haven’t read the book, read this … More Holiday Reading

Uaou! Che bella!

My blog stats showed an unusual search for the Italian phrase in the post’s title.   But it looked like a phrase straight from DEFENDING IRENE, so I’m going to give a short pronunciation guide. Uaou is like “Wow” with a bit more of the “oo” sound on each end.  Che sounds quite a bit like … More Uaou! Che bella!

Forward Progress

Goals are good things.  My editor established one goal when she gave me a due date for the mystery revision: February 15.  But it was pretty clear that she’d like to have it sooner, so I have a private goal of getting it out the door by the end of the third week in January.  I also have … More Forward Progress

In Celebration of Agent Appreciation Day

I found out this morning that today is Agent Appreciation Day.  I feel truly blessed to be represented by Erin Murphy, who is kind, frank, thoughtful, accessible and funny.  Below, I’m pasting in the email that I sent out to writer friends after my unexpected pitch session with her:    So I walked into the SCBWI conference this morning … More In Celebration of Agent Appreciation Day

Stand-in for Murder

It’s not a 100% certainty, but it looks like my YA mystery will be released in the fall of 2010 with the title of STAND-IN FOR MURDER.  This morning, I finished the preliminary revisions to the first three chapters.  I’m sure that they’ll need some polishing, but I want to wrap up a draft by Christmas … More Stand-in for Murder

Dreaming of Egypt

Today, fifty mile an hour winds whipped the snow past my windows.  But a year ago this week, I was in Egypt to research a possible sequel to SAVING THE GRIFFIN.  The wheels of publishing often turn more slowly than the wheels of justice for many writers like me, so I’m patiently waiting for word … More Dreaming of Egypt