Uaou! Che bella!

My blog stats showed an unusual search for the Italian phrase in the post’s title.   But it looked like a phrase straight from DEFENDING IRENE, so I’m going to give a short pronunciation guide. Uaou is like “Wow” with a bit more of the “oo” sound on each end.  Che sounds quite a bit like “kay” but cut it much shorter.  There’s only the long A sound.  Leave off the long E at the end.  Bella is quite a bit like “”bell-lah,” but you can almost shift it to “bayl-la”. 

By the way, if any teachers or students would like any help with the pronunciations in DEFENDING IRENE or SAVING THE GRIFFIN, plese send a comment to this post.  I have to okay all comments, so it will pop up on my email.

Buon Natale a tutti!  (Good Christmas to all!)

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