Revising YA Mystery: Done?

It took a writing binge of epic proportions, but I completed a draft of the YA mystery very early on Saturday morning after putting in a marathon day on Friday.  Deadlines can be a powerful thing.  This one was  self-imposed.  I knew that my technical advisors–aka college-age daughters–would be able to read the book if I got it to them for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.   

Essentially, I addressed fifty pages of line edits in about 13 hours.  Just to give you an idea on speed, the first 130 pages or so took almost two months. But during that time, I also heavily revised the first chapter, wrote two entirely new chapters, recast several scenes and celebrated the Thanksgiving and Christmas. holidays.   

Things aren’t perfect, but they’re working.  I need to slide in a few more sensory details without slowing down the action.  I also have to create some of those brilliant transitions.  But  one of my daughters made suggestion on how to handle a few of them. 

I might have reached the Nitz-picking stage! The basic plot looks like it’s working.

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