Hitting the Send Button

Incoming!  Thwump!  That’s the sound of 51,000 words landing in my editor’s electronic inbox.

My YA mystery is done, at least for the moment.  It was a pretty major revision, so I’ll have to see what my editor thinks about the changes and additions.  But my kids, who are in high school and college, liked it.  Now I know that writers aren’t supposed to rely on their families for feedback.  Usually, I don’t, but I needed my young adults’  feedback to make sure my word choices worked. 

Ordinarily there’s a bit of an empty feeling when a project heads out the door.  I don’t expect to start feeling it until tomorrow morning.  That’s when I usually work on my fiction.  But I’ll be staying very busy as I try to catch up with everything that I’ve been putting off in order to meet this deadline.

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