It’s official!  SUSPECT, my YA mystery, will be released October 1! Here’s a description from the publisher:

Seventeen-year-old Jen is scheduled to spend the summer helping Grandma Kay run the Shoenhaus, a Victorian bed and breakfast. But Grandma Kay’s plans include a lot more than housekeeping; she intends to solve a real mystery from the past involving the disappearance of a young woman.

And the victim was Jen’s own mother.

Ellen disappeared without a trace when her daughter was still young. For years, Jen received holiday gifts in the mail and letters signed by her mother. But then the communication abruptly stopped. Now Grandma Kay is convinced the letters were forged and that her daughter-in-law was murdered.

The stage is set for an elaborate Mystery Weekend. Family members and friends and even her mother s old college roommate assemble and are assigned roles to play. As the drama unfolds, Jen makes an important off-stage discovery, a diary written by her mother. Soon Jen’s worst suspicions are aroused: Could a member of her own family be responsible for her mother s disappearance?

Author Kristin Wolden Nitz has penned a satisfying story that artfully combines all the necessary elements of a great mystery: believable, well-drawn characters, a unique setting, well-laid clues, and a final rewarding solution.


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  1. Patience Pays Off « One Writer’s Journey Says:

    […] Patience Pays Off Filed under: Uncategorized — suebe @ 2:23 am Tags: Kristin Wolden Nitz, release date, rewriting, YA Hip hip hooray for my writing buddy Kristin Wolden Nitz.  Kris got word that her YA mystery will be released this October.   See the details, including the publisher’s book description on Kris’s blog. […]

  2. Conspiracy of Kings « Nitz Bits Says:

    […] Conspiracy of Kings By kristinwoldennitz Attention all fans of Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia books!  You’ll find a 60+ page excerpt of Conspiracy of Kings on the HarperCollins website.    Naturally, they didn’t put it up there as a public service.  The chapters are there so you’ll read it and then rush out to buy the book on the very day that it becomes available.  It worked for me!  Of course, I already intended to do that.  I usually guard my morning writing time carefully from distractions.  Not today!  I gulped down the beginning of Sophos’ tale.  It’s a good thing that I’m not still in the middle of revising Suspect. […]

  3. Preparing Summaries « Nitz Bits Says:

    […] since it’s actually quite close to the product description on Amazon.  You could read that here if you like.  […]

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