The Westing Game

THE WESTING GAME came in at #11 on the Fuse  #8  countdown of the top 100 Chapter books.   Whenever any of my writing students express an interest in mysteries, this is one of the two or three books that I suggest.  Usually, I like to stick to books published in the 21st century when I make recommendations because this … More The Westing Game

The Hobbit

Fuse #8’s unscientific poll featuring the Top 100 Chapter Books featured another one of my favorite books today: THE HOBBIT.   It was ninth on my list, but on another day, I might have put it higher.   It created a deep and abiding love in my heart for Gandalf the Grey.  The day that the Fellowship … More The Hobbit

Setting up Obstacles

I was stuck for well over a week in a key scene for my current manuscript.  But after pounding  head and fingers against the keyboard, I finally made my way through it.  The next few pages flew by, largely intact.  But then I found Calyn musing on a set of circumstances that had now changed.  I’ll be helping her adjust to … More Setting up Obstacles

Skype Visit

I did a brief Skype visit for Peachtree’s Author Mingle and 2010 Spring Book Look today.  For a few minutes, I talked to the visiting teachers about my books and the topics of my school visits.   I did have to explain at one point that I hadn’t done any Skype school visits up to this point, … More Skype Visit

Conspiracy of Kings

When I scheduled the dentist appointment last fall, I clearly didn’t know this would be the day that Megan Whalen Turner’s CONSPIRACY OF KINGS would be coming out.  But thanks to good flossing habits, it was a rather quick and painless  appointment this morning. From there, I went directly to the bookstore.   I had already read the … More Conspiracy of Kings