Conspiracy of Kings

Attention all fans of Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia books!  You’ll find a 60+ page excerpt of Conspiracy of Kings on the HarperCollins website.    Naturally, they didn’t put it up there as a public service.  The chapters are there so you’ll read it and then rush out to buy the book on the very day that it becomes available.  It worked for me!  Of course, I already intended to do that.  I usually guard my morning writing time carefully from distractions.  Not today!  I gulped down the beginning of Sophos’ tale.  It’s a good thing that I’m not still in the middle of revising Suspect.

For any readers of this blog who haven’t read the Attolia books, get thee to a library.  I always recommend the following.  Read the books in order.  Don’t even GLANCE at the flap copy of any book except the one you’re reading. (And frankly, I’d advise against that for QUEEN OF ATTOLIA.)  Let Turner’s world unfold.  Betsy Bird of Fuse #8 pretty much admitted that she should have done that in her review of KING OF ATTOLIA.  So if you haven’t read the books, don’t read that review either.   

Instead read as follows:


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