The Copy Editor

Copy editors check over a manuscript for grammar and punctuation.  But they’re also the last line of defense when it comes to continuity and clarity.  Since so many books cross their desks, they can tell when things aren’t working.  I really feel like I’ve emerged with a stronger manuscript after two weeks of hard work.  Tomorrow–or should I say later today, I’ll get a chance to read a clean copy of the manuscript before the galleys are sent to the printer.  I’m actually look forward to seeing how it reads.

2 thoughts on “The Copy Editor

  1. I had a newspaper column in college called NitzBitz. do you suppose we’re related? my dad was Arthur C Nitz, a Lutheran Church Mo. Synod minister. congratulations on your Georgia award–a librarian friend told me about you. I love your list of favorite kids’ books.

  2. My nephew had Nitz Bitz on the back of his cross-country warm-up. I decided it would be a fun blog title. Thanks for your kind words about the Georgia Book Award. I was especially excited about the nomination because I knew a lot more kids would find my book.

    Most of my husband’s family sed to grow grapes and other kinds of fruit around Baroda, Michigan, a small town not far from South Bend, Indiana.

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