Suspect at ALA

While my friend and fellow writer Sondy Eklund was at ALA, she took a picture that included the ARCs (advanced reader copies) of SUSPECT.  I’m hoping to get permission to post soon.  It’s just so exciting for me to know that some librarians out there are going to be sitting down with all my characters for a few hours. … More Suspect at ALA

Chapter 14….Done!

Chapters 13 and 14 were revisions.  Certain things needed to be tweaked because of new events, but the skeletons could remain essentially the same.  Chapter 15, though, will be new material.  A lot of what used to be there will have to be dumped.  But part of being a writer is the willingness to “kill your … More Chapter 14….Done!

Contemporary Fiction

Editors warn authors against putting things in their contemporary novels that will “date” the books unless a project is already anchored somehow in time.  As I watched the Italians lose their final game of group playof th 2010 World Cup, I wondered whether DEFENDING IRENE had made the jump from contemporary sports fiction to historical sports … More Contemporary Fiction

Grand Rapids Griffins

The Grand Rapids Griffin mascot posed with SAVING THE GRIFFIN and Diana Wynne Jones’ YEAR OF THE GRIFFIN.  It was pretty fun to see my book next to one by DWJ even though the only real link was the fact that we both had the word “griffin” in the title. 

The Back Cover

My husband, who is fabulous at manipulating images, scanned in the catalog’s back cover.  After removing things like my address and other things needed by the postal service, he sent me the following image: 


Whoa!  I got some exciting news this morning.  Peachtree decided to feature SUSPECT on the back cover of their fall catalogue! Very cool.  I suspect that some of that ‘love’ has to come from the truly eyecatching look.  This is one of the times when I’m really hoping that potential readers judge my book by its cover.   I … More Peachtree