Forza Italia!

I’m cutting my personal writing time short today so that I can watch Italy vs. Paraguay in World Cup soccer.    Ever since our family lived in Merano for about three and a half years, we always cheer for the Azurri on the international stage.   In fact, my son wanted to play for them when he grew up.  I had to explain to him that it simply wouldn’t be possible–that he was an American and would have to play for the U.S. 

“But I lived in Italy!” he protested. 

“That doesn’t matter,” I told him.

“I have friends there,” he said. 

“That doesn’t matter either.” 

I think that I narrowly managed to avoid saying that he would have to marry Angelica to become an Italian citizen.  But there really was a point before we moved back to the U.S. where people at the plant where my husband worked offered to start the paperwork for our family to become Italian citizens.  I think that they were only half-joking. 

And I do have “nostalgia” for Italy with the Italian meaning and pronunciation: no-stall-GEE-ah.  That’s why it was such a pleasure to essentially return to Merano every day while writing DEFENDING IRENE, my soccer novel.  I could write the novel from the perspective of an Italian-American because that’s what I felt myself to be despite my Northern European genetics.

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