Fifteen Rejections

There are plenty of legendary stories about how many times Dr. Suess’s MULBERRY STREET and Madeleine L’Engle’s WRINKLE IN TIME were rejected.  (Both were around forty!)  Such tales tend to give hope to struggling writers everywhere.  My friend Jeanie Ransom had a rather epic number of submissions for her divorce book, I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT … More Fifteen Rejections

Reverse Chronological Order/Explanation of Dedication Page

One thing about blogs is that people will generally read things from newest to oldest.  So I’m going to work my way backwards from my decision to submit SUSPECT to Peachtree to how I came up with the original idea for SUSPECT in the first place.  It was essentially a ten-year journey from my first scribbles on … More Reverse Chronological Order/Explanation of Dedication Page

“O Light the Heart that Lingers in Merano”

I first heard the songs from the musical CHESS back in college.  One of the guys in my Douglas Houghton Hall dorm at Michigan Tech was demonstrating the astonishing clarity that his new CD player brought to the music.  (And yes, this was the latest thing back in the early 80’s.)  He started with the radio hit “One Night in … More “O Light the Heart that Lingers in Merano”

Historical Fantasy

I ran across a new fantasy designation today.  Of course, it could have been knocking around for awhile, but here is how Elizabeth C. Bunce, author of CURSE DARK AS GOLD, put it:  “Historical fantasy” means my work is inspired by real places and cultures of the past, but with fantastical, otherworldly, or magical elements. … More Historical Fantasy

It’s Out There

SUSPECT has now appeared in a few libraries, so I guess it is officially out there even though my launch party won’t be until the first Thursday in October.   But I guess that makes the release of my book as a rolling party with lots of little celebrations along the way.