Chapter 24…Temporarily Done

I’m not entirely sure whether I have one chapter or two here.  It all depends on how many words get added later to smooth out transitions and build scenes.   Right now, I essentially have the first draft from my notebook typed into the computer.  (A general process that I just described over at My Word Playground.)  Yes,  I fleshed out a few of the conversations and added scraps of action and tag lines, but right now it reads a lot like a script.  I’ll need to build the sets, work on costume design, and work on blocking out the action more fully.   

In addition to making it through several scenes in Chapter 24, I also hit another few milestones.  The manuscript went over 250 pages and 65,000 words.  It was about 150 pages and 40,000 words when I started this revision.   But I’ve added most of the new scenes.  Now it’s a matter of altering the remaining chapters to fit my character’s new reality.   

For me one of the biggest tests is whether my kids will like it.  In its previous incarnation, it was their favorite book of mine that I’d produced to date.  I have a goal to wrap up a fairly polished rough draft by Thanksgiving when they’ll all have more time to read.

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