Reading Reviews

One extremely wise writer compared good reviews to crack and bad reviews to poison.  And she’s right.  It would probably be wiser to stay away from places like GoodReads where you run the simultaneous risk of becoming addicted to the “Attagirl!” feedback and being injured by the people who just don’t buy into your book’s solution.  So why do I keep doing it?  Why did the elephant child risk his nose? Insatiable curiosity. 

And sometimes, it’s just nice when someone gets what you were trying to do. I didn’t mind it one bit when one reader observed that my book wasn’t stellar when she went on to note that she truly enjoyed SUSPECT for what it was:  ‘a fun, “I don’t wanna think too hard, just wanna be entertained, darn it!” read.’ 

That’s what I was shooting for with this project.  Mission accomplished!

2 thoughts on “Reading Reviews

  1. I loved this book sooooo much! I finished it within the first five hours of checking it out! Is there a sequel to this? I feel like there should be.

    1. Jennifer,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! I’m afraid there probably won’t be a sequel for SUSPECT. This is a case of where the mystery came to Jen rather than the other way around. Right now I’m working on another YA. It has interesting guys, determined old ladies and an Italian setting. Keep your fingers crossed for me. In the meantime, do check out some Elizabeth Peters. Start with CROCODILE ON THE SANDBANK, the book Jen was reading in the hammock. She also has some fun stand-alones from the 1970’s. Sure, they’re dated, but they hold up really well. I’m rereading THE COPENHAGEN CONNECTION right now as part of my prep. Janette Rallison is a lot of fun for funny, contemporary YA. Thanks for writing!

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