NaNoEdiMo Goal

In an effort to make my goal of finishing an edit of Calyn’s story by the end of November, I’ve neglected the blog.   But the additional focus on story has been helpful.  I’ve been able to find some transitions to link together the scenes that I’ve already established.  For me, such things have always been a challenge.  But I found great comfort when I learned that a great English author–I could almost swear it was Thomas Hardy–complained to a friend that he was having the worst time trying to figure out how to get a main character from the front door down to the road. 

But now, I’m pleased to report that I’m 23 pages away from the end.  Or at least I’m 23 pages away from “an end”.  Some of the complaints about SUSPECT were that I wrapped things up too fast.  But I think that I will roll the novel through my groups before I add anything.

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