Narnia in Reverse

Many writers like Google alerts.  It’s a great way to see what’s going on with their latest book, especially for those of us who aren’t New York Times bestsellers.  After all,  people don’t feel the need to put up a bad review for relatively unknown authors.  But today a review of SAVING THE GRIFFIN popped … More Narnia in Reverse

Tracking Red Herrings

I enjoyed my time fielding questions during my time as guest author during my time at The Writer’s Retreat.  One question about pacing made me think about how to use Darcy Pattison’s shrunken manuscript technique as a way to make sure that red herrings and clues are being distributed throughout the manuscript.  In that post, … More Tracking Red Herrings

Ten New Chapters

I was fiddling with the ending of Calyn’s story again today and noticed that I was supposedly working on Chapter 16.  I knew that wasn’t right, so I went back to discover which chapter I was really on.  Interestingly enough, I only had to switch a “2” for the “1” to transform the heading  from … More Ten New Chapters