Ten New Chapters

I was fiddling with the ending of Calyn’s story again today and noticed that I was supposedly working on Chapter 16.  I knew that wasn’t right, so I went back to discover which chapter I was really on.  Interestingly enough, I only had to switch a “2” for the “1” to transform the heading  from 16 to 26.   So apparently, I wound up writing ten new chapters in this revision.  Of course, some chapters might have been combined and others might have split as I recast the story.    

I spent most of the day coming out more of the tangles in the last twenty-five pages.  Many more remain.  Usually things aren’t this messy when I reach the end of a manuscript since I tend to comb through a previous days material in as a way to put myself back in the story before pressing forward.  But I was experimenting with the NaNoWriMo model of getting things down and moving on instead of getting trapped in a single paragraph for an hour.

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