Typing “The End” on Calyn’s Story

I have a ritual for finishing books.  I don’t type “The End” until I reach the end.   While I was really, really close to having a complete draft of Calyn’s story, I just spent a goodly chunk of the morning editing the last 44 pages by hand and then getting those changes into the computer.  In the process, I came up with a last line.  Perhaps it will be a placeholder.  I have a sneaking suspician that some people might demand another chapter at the end.  And I’d have to take them seriously since one of the complaints on SUSPECT was that it ended too quickly. 

Now I still have a lot of polishing to do.  There’s more than one spot with the words TRANSISTION NEEDED HERE.  But I should be able to get this printed up for one of my local groups next week for a January evaluation.  I also want to get this to my kids for Christmas reading.  Ho, ho, ho!

I will be doing a bit more sanding and varnishing before sending this to some of my other readers though.

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