One More Personal Note

I’m happy to report that things have settled down in my sister’s Cairo suburb.  The people of Maadi have essentially taken their neighborhoods back with a little assistance from the Egyptian army.  Undoubtedly, sentiments about Westerners vary widely throughout Egypt, but one stranger came up to a friend of my sister’s on the street and said: “Don’t worry. … More One More Personal Note

Friday of Wrath

I tend to stick to thoughts about writing on this blog.  But when I had a request for a school visit this morning, I couldn’t help thinking about the ones that I did in Egypt a couple of years ago at my sister’s school, Cairo American College.  These were unpaid events for my sister’s friends.  … More Friday of Wrath


In the latest round of revisions, I’ve been dealing with issues of story logic.  Why this? Why that?  Sometimes people agree that there’s a problem, but I’ve noticed that different people are often stumbling over different things.  Stephen King once wrote: “…if a lot of people are telling you something is wrong with your piece, it … More Illogical