Luxor Temple by Night

Sometimes beautiful things can emerge when you clean your desk.  In this case, I rediscovered my CD of the photos from Egypt. I’d been meaning to share more of them, but got behind with one thing and another.  I can’t take credit for either of these shots.  My husband was the man in charge of the camera.  They were both taken on the same day, but the first one was in early evening.

View of Luxor Temple from the Corniche
Coming back after visiting the Luxor Museum

4 thoughts on “Luxor Temple by Night

  1. Excellent photos. We took many pictures when we were stationed in the Far East, and Europe. Back then we ad color slides which we are now converting to digital images.

      1. We toured a working nuclear submarine. I admire anyone who has the courage to serve our country in a vessel like that. I was an Air Force Officer. I tried to stay out of the water as much as possible.

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