A Writing Binge

I’m not usually a binge writer.  Instead, I tend to dedicate early mornings to my current project, the middle of the day to my students’ work and late afternoon to various household chores.  During the evenings, I’ll putter away at this and that depending on my student load and whether or not I like the current NCIS … More A Writing Binge


When I’m not sure what to do with a certain section of my novel, I frequently reach for my copy of the Newbery honor book, The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope.  I’ve done this with first chapters, last chapters, chapter openings, chapter endings and transitions in general.  So when I was struggling with an … More Endings

Writing Novels

Some writers don’t know what’s going to happen next when they sit down at their computers.  Others follow their outlines religiously.  Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Disc World books, compared his process of writing novels to wood carving on his website: You find the lump of tree (the big central theme that gets you … More Writing Novels

Writing Historical Fiction

Frankly, I’ve always been terrified by the thought of writing historical fiction because of how much research need to be done in order to get the time, setting and characters right.  I’ve had a big enough challenge with contemporary fiction whether it was constructing an imaginary a realistic Italian estate in Saving the Griffin or learning the proper … More Writing Historical Fiction