A Writing Binge

I’m not usually a binge writer.  Instead, I tend to dedicate early mornings to my current project, the middle of the day to my students’ work and late afternoon to various household chores.  During the evenings, I’ll putter away at this and that depending on my student load and whether or not I like the current NCIS rerun.  I’m slow, but steady.

But yesterday, I spent the whole day and most of the night on the last two chapters of Calyn’s story.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if I turned out about 1000 new words of polished prose AND figured how to ease those sections into what I already had.  I don’t usually never work that fast.  But some ideas for the ending clicked into place. I felt like I was under a compulsion to get it all down when I usually lose forward momentum on my projects before lunch.  And since my family is getting ready to put the house on the market, it really is time to wrap up this draft of the novel and get it to my agent for one of her reading weeks.

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