Reading Reviews

Some writers don’t read the reviews of their books.  Many of those who will read reviews from professional journals will avoid reader feedback from places like GoodReads.  That would undoubtedly be both smarter and safer.  A very wise writer said that “Good reviews are like crack; bad reviews, like poison.” But I’m blessed and cursed with an … More Reading Reviews

Starting a New File

It’s been a long, long time since I started a new project.   But today, I created a  file with the name of ItalianChase and managed to produce just over 500 words.  It will be another young adult novel, but more in the vein of a suspense/thriller than a cozy mystery.  In fact, bad things are … More Starting a New File

Rejection Cupcakes and Other Bits of Brilliance.

Now I confess that I have not yet read Penny Blubaugh’s BLOOD AND FLOWERS, but I’ve been wanting to every since the sale was announced by the agent we share. It sounded like a great concept, and here’s what Kirkus wrote about it: “..atmospheric language, arresting “culture mash-up,” unique characters, an alluring overlap of fantasy … More Rejection Cupcakes and Other Bits of Brilliance.

Done for Now

I spent a little time this evening clicking back through the Calyn category on this blog.  It’s been a long road.  One thing I noticed is that I reached “the end” of this story repeatedly.  At one point, I completed the rough draft. Later, I managed to get the story up to the level of a semi-polished … More Done for Now