Done for Now

I spent a little time this evening clicking back through the Calyn category on this blog.  It’s been a long road.  One thing I noticed is that I reached “the end” of this story repeatedly.  At one point, I completed the rough draft. Later, I managed to get the story up to the level of a semi-polished draft for one of my local critique groups.  Then I felt like I’d wrapped it up for all but the final line edits until I was forced by the wisdom and good taste of my writer friends to fix the ending.  So it feels extremely strange to know that I’m actually going to be putting Calyn’s story away for awhile.  It headed off to my agent this afternoon and landed in the queue for an upcoming reading week. 

So what now?  I have a couple of short pieces that have been begging for attention, and I’ll continue working on the research for my next novel.  But I’m also going to have to cut down on my writing time as we work to get our house ready for the market.

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