Reading Reviews

Some writers don’t read the reviews of their books.  Many of those who will read reviews from professional journals will avoid reader feedback from places like GoodReads.  That would undoubtedly be both smarter and safer.  A very wise writer said that “Good reviews are like crack; bad reviews, like poison.” But I’m blessed and cursed with an insatiable curiosity.  So I’ll read them and see if I can still learn from them.                                             
Sometimes, I’ll come across an inordinately painful review from someone who sneers at my skills and my characters.  But at other times, I’ll come across a reader who really gets and appreciates what I was trying to do.    For me, the following review really nails it:        
Suspect is a very cute mystery, even though the mystery at the heart of the novel is not, in fact, cute. One of my favorite things about this book is how realistic Jen’s panic attacks are, which is an odd thing to say, but Jen isn’t a fragile girl and the novel never once lets us think that she is, even when she’s freaking out. I liked all the characters and thought the writing was fun. A good, quick read, especially for those who like a good, quick, murder mystery. — review by user callmecayce

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