Over 5000 Words Already?

In general, I tend to work quite slowly.  Dialgoue might flow easily, but then I have to smooth all of the details that bring a story to life with action, description and movement.  That’s why I’m just a bit surprised to discover that I’m about 5600 in.  The first chapter is fairly polished. The second has a few rough patches.  Then the rest of the words from Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 are the mere scraps of scenes.  

Chapter 5, but no Chapter 4?  Well, I was doing a bit of outlining and suddenly a big argument between two characters erupted.  I felt like I was taking dictation.   For the most part, I tend to work sequentially.  I like to know exactly what happens before moving on, but I had pretty much “set the table” for this confrontation in advance.

9 thoughts on “Over 5000 Words Already?

  1. Congratulations! My own word count is increasing much more slowly. Of course, I’m working on three articles and a picture book. Can we say NO to a 5000+ picture book? I think we can.

  2. Word count can be a deceiving measure sometimes, can’t it? Sometimes those days when the manuscript gets shorter are ultimately more productive than the ones where it gets longer. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, because my manuscript just lost about 8,000 words today. Sigh.

  3. I remember cutting about 2000 words off of SUSPECT with about three clicks of the mouse. And I thought that I was mass-murdering my darlings! Sometimes you do have to prune hard, Since you were undoubtedly doing this under the direction of a master gardener, I’m sure it was a productive day.

  4. I usually write a thousand words or so and leave the story for about six months before I get another idea. Today, I wrote 5000 words in one sitting. I predict only about half of that will last till the next draft 😉

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