Taking a Break

I do intend to get back to blogging.  If nothing else, it’s served as a great project diary.  But my husband and I are going to be moving soon.  I’m going to have to dedicate almost all my time to packing, sorting and cleaning and unpacking for the next month or so.  But I’m hoping to steal a few minutes here and there for my novel.

The Google Map of Venice has been particularly useful as I plan various incidents for my Italian Chase Novel.


5 Responses to “Taking a Break”

  1. Natalie Dias Lorenzi Says:

    Good luck on the move and the novel, Kristin! I’ll look forward to reading this book one day!

  2. Natalie Aguirre Says:

    Good luck with the move. Hope it goes well. We’re going to miss you.

  3. Jeannie Mobley Says:

    I hope the move goes smoothly, and the writing time does happen. An Italian chase novel sounds interesting!

  4. Vicki Sansum Says:

    Good luck with the packing and moving. Can’t wait to hear more about your Italian novel, I know it will be great!

  5. Erin MacLellan Says:

    Best of luck with the packing and the move to Missouri. An Italian chase scene in a novel; this sounds splendid! You inspire me with your creativity and your dedication to your writing. Did you finish writing the fantasy novel about the wall? I loved reading the sections you sent me last year, and found nothing at all to edit! So good!

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