USA Vs. Japan for Gold in Women’s Soccer

The gold medal women’s soccer game will be played on Thursday at 12:30 Eastern Time on NBCSN, the NBC Sports Network.  I’m expecting another dynamic game! 

The Canadians and Americans hustled and scrapped their way through the game. Both sides committed fouls, both accidental and tactical, but none of the them were malicious. 

And there was a moment of genuine sportsmanship when an American player was injured and stayed down. The Canadian women had an advantage and the ref was going to let them play on, but the Canadian women kicked the ball out of bounds to stop play.   Once everything was resolved, the Americans sent the ball down toward the Canadian keeper, but did not attempt to make any kind of play on it. So in essense, they were giving it back to the Canadians.  I love seeing that kind of caring and responsibility among opposing players even when a trip to the gold medal game is on the line. 


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