Escape from Venice!

I am pleased and proud to announce that my main character managed to escape from Venice! My character and I spent a lot of time there–far more time that I’d planned–due to my midcourse correction in plotting.

Now I have to say that I really enjoyed researching and writing about Venice. I planned the first and second chase scenes with some help from Google Maps.  For the set design, I spent a lot of time poking through the corners of the Pensione Accademia and the Ristorante San Trovaso.   I also did a lot of photo research on vaporettos and water taxis as I planned for an escape.

The Courtyard from the Pensione Accademia. Several important scenes are set here. What a stunning place with tons of character. I’m hoping to visit.

Does working from websites and photos help? Oh, yes. I’ve been getting a good response on my description from my normal critique groups and from my assigned group at one of Darcy Pattison’s revision retreats. This technique of studying photos ensured that I could insert plenty of detail in order to design my description.  Now I can’t say that my readers saw the picture above, but they might have generated something similar.

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