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Griffins and Dinosaurs

October 21, 2014

My librarian friend Sondy Eklund wrote a review for THE GRIFFIN AND THE DINOSAUR. Looks fascinating!


Doing the YA Cha-Cha

October 15, 2014

I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I think one of the reasons for this is that I’ve moved twice in the past two and a half years. But more than that, I’ve been busy doing the YA Cha-Cha. What’s that? Well, the astonishing Conrad Wesselhoeft, author of DIRT BIKES, DRONES AND OTHER WAYS TO FLY and ADIOS, NIRVANA  explains that in a song that he wrote for Erin Murphy’s Dog when we were live in Vermont.    It can feel like you’re going two steps forward and three steps back.