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U.S.A. vs Colombia at 6:00 pm Eastern and 3:00 Pacific!

August 9, 2016

During so many events at the Olympic games, the local crowds have tended to cheer against the U.S.  But will they feel the same about the women’s soccer team? We’ll see. One fan thinks that Tobin Heath is secretly Brazilian.  And there are rivalries in South America. My Peruvian sister-in-law is always happy to cheer against Brazil.

For me August 9th is a day of undiluted soccer happiness. My 2004 novel about an American girl playing on an Italian boys’ soccer team is being released as an e-book.  B&N has an excerpt.


Defending Irene was Released as an E-book Today

August 9, 2016

My soccer novel about an American girl playing on an Italian boys’ team in Italy was released as an e-book today. Since DEFENDING IRENE originally came out in 2004, a few sections will undoubtedly read more like historical fiction. But so many things hold up. Italian women and girls are making slow but serious headway against the perception that they shouldn’t be involved in such a violent, brutal sport. In fact, they just missed qualifying for the Euro Cup this year. Barnes and Noble has an excerpt of the first few chapters of DEFENDING IRENE on its site at the bottom of this page.  Amazon customers can go here, but there’s no excerpt so far.