NaNoEdiMo Goal

In an effort to make my goal of finishing an edit of Calyn’s story by the end of November, I’ve neglected the blog.   But the additional focus on story has been helpful.  I’ve been able to find some transitions to link together the scenes that I’ve already established.  For me, such things have always been … More NaNoEdiMo Goal

Reading Reviews

One extremely wise writer compared good reviews to crack and bad reviews to poison.  And she’s right.  It would probably be wiser to stay away from places like GoodReads where you run the simultaneous risk of becoming addicted to the “Attagirl!” feedback and being injured by the people who just don’t buy into your book’s solution.  So … More Reading Reviews

Lexile Score

Once upon a time, I used to do the combination grammar/spell checker with Microsoft Word on my middle grade novels and short stories.  I’d reach the end where I’d find that I was writing on the 12th grade level.  Well, it wasn’t a matter of dumbing things down.  It’s a matter of accessbility and meeting … More Lexile Score

Ooo! Sparkly!

Writers are magpies.  We can’t help ourselves.  If we see something interesting, we want to twist it into our plots, our settings, our characterizations.  Weaving these things into story can often be safe.  My extended family can’t help but notice little scraps of our lives turning up here and there in my books.  In SUSPECT, for example, … More Ooo! Sparkly!