Starting a New File

It’s been a long, long time since I started a new project.   But today, I created a  file with the name of ItalianChase and managed to produce just over 500 words.  It will be another young adult novel, but more in the vein of a suspense/thriller than a cozy mystery.  In fact, bad things are … More Starting a New File

Writing Novels

Some writers don’t know what’s going to happen next when they sit down at their computers.  Others follow their outlines religiously.  Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Disc World books, compared his process of writing novels to wood carving on his website: You find the lump of tree (the big central theme that gets you … More Writing Novels

Writing the Scene that Doesn’t Want to Be Written

Usually, when I’m having trouble moving ahead with a novel, I use a variation of Natalie Goldberg’s cafe writing that she shared in WRITING DOWN THE BONES.  But yesterday, I decided that I wanted to write on patio of our backyard garden while our waterfall splashed and gurgled in the background. I brought coffee.  (I’d trained myself … More Writing the Scene that Doesn’t Want to Be Written

NaNoWriMo in July

Late last week one of my writing friends sent out a notice. Somehow she missed the fact that she was supposed to bring a completed novel to a master class with Linda Sue Park at the SCBWI National Conference.  Clearly this was a writing emergency that required drastic measures. Lynnea decided to embark on a … More NaNoWriMo in July

A Pressing Problem

I was going through the comments that my friend Gina made  on my SCARAB manuscript when I found the following: “Kate presses her lips together quite a bit.  Check for this.”  Using the search function on my computer, I did just that.  Not only did Kate press her lips together quite a bit, she and a few … More A Pressing Problem