Writing the Scene that Doesn’t Want to Be Written

Usually, when I’m having trouble moving ahead with a novel, I use a variation of Natalie Goldberg’s cafe writing that she shared in WRITING DOWN THE BONES.  But yesterday, I decided that I wanted to write on patio of our backyard garden while our waterfall splashed and gurgled in the background. I brought coffee.  (I’d trained myself … More Writing the Scene that Doesn’t Want to Be Written

NaNoWriMo in July

Late last week one of my writing friends sent out a notice. Somehow she missed the fact that she was supposed to bring a completed novel to a master class with Linda Sue Park at the SCBWI National Conference.  Clearly this was a writing emergency that required drastic measures. Lynnea decided to embark on a … More NaNoWriMo in July

A Pressing Problem

I was going through the comments that my friend Gina made  on my SCARAB manuscript when I found the following: “Kate presses her lips together quite a bit.  Check for this.”  Using the search function on my computer, I did just that.  Not only did Kate press her lips together quite a bit, she and a few … More A Pressing Problem

My Griffin

How much is that griffin in the window  It had been a long day in Siena. My family and I were walking along the Via Terme back to the Blue SITA buses when I saw him in the store window: a griffin clutching a ball. I stopped and stared. A larger version of this creature … More My Griffin