Writing Historical Fiction

Frankly, I’ve always been terrified by the thought of writing historical fiction because of how much research need to be done in order to get the time, setting and characters right.  I’ve had a big enough challenge with contemporary fiction whether it was constructing an imaginary a realistic Italian estate in Saving the Griffin or learning the proper … More Writing Historical Fiction

Holiday Reading

Ever since I was third or fourth grade, Christmas has meant new books.  And new books usually meant new places to travel from Middle Earth to Prince Edward Island.   For this holiday season, I had the chance to visit Llyvraneth  in Elizabeth C. Bunce’s STAR CROSSED.   It wound up being a seasonal book as well since … More Holiday Reading

Historical Fantasy

I ran across a new fantasy designation today.  Of course, it could have been knocking around for awhile, but here is how Elizabeth C. Bunce, author of CURSE DARK AS GOLD, put it:  “Historical fantasy” means my work is inspired by real places and cultures of the past, but with fantastical, otherworldly, or magical elements. … More Historical Fantasy


Megan Whalen Turner has updated her website.  In it, you can find pictures, podcast and interviews.  But this link will take you directly to a short story out about a much younger Gen.