School Visits/Presentations


From Idea to Book: How a project journeys from that first flash of inspiration to printed form. (K-8)

The Writing Life: The pathway to publication. How perseverance pays. What can a student do today to become a writer tomorrow? (K-8)

Doing the Research: Specific ways to bringing fiction and nonfiction to life through research. (3-8)


Character + Conflict = Story:
A Hands-on workshop for students in grades three through eight demonstrating how a story is developed.

Crafting Word GemsIt’s All in the Details:
Use of active verbs and specific adjectives to create lively prose. How to incorporate metaphor, similes and humor to delight your reader.




Researching the Contemporary Novel:
On using traditional and nontraditional methods of research to create an authentic world for fiction.

It’s Not About You

On using the Myers-Briggs to build protagonists and a supporting cast who think and react in different ways because always asking “What would I do if. . . ?”  can make your work stale and repetitive.


The Art of the Query Letter:
Techniques to help writers attract and keep an editor’s attention during that critical one-page introduction. Over the course of the day, writers will learn how to utilize the standard four-paragraph structure, condense their story to a three-sentence pitch, and mine their manuscript for word gems.