School Visits/Presentations


In order for a school visit to be successful, it helps if students are familiar with my work. I ask that teachers in participating classrooms read at least a chapter or two of one of my books out loud to their students before I arrive. Five books will be provided as part of the fee. My rates in Michigan are dependent on geography. For the list, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

From Idea to Book: How a project journeys from that first flash of inspiration to printed form. Younger students will learn about the process. Older students will learn how authors plot against their characters.  (K-8)

Doing the Research: Specific ways to bringing fiction and nonfiction to life through research. (3-8)


Character + Conflict = Story:
A Hands-on workshop for students in grades three through eight demonstrating how a story is developed.

Crafting Word GemsIt’s All in the Details:
Use of active verbs and specific adjectives to create lively prose. How to incorporate metaphor, similes and humor to delight your reader.



Researching the Contemporary Novel:
On using traditional and nontraditional methods of research to create an authentic world for fiction.

It’s Not About You

On using the Myers-Briggs to build protagonists and a supporting cast who think and react in different ways because always asking “What would I do if. . . ?”  can make your work stale and repetitive.


Full Day with Overnight Stay: $500 plus expenses including hotel.

Full Day: $500 + mileage

Half Day near Grand Rapids, Michigan: $250

Free 20-minute Zoom for classrooms that use one of my books for a read-aloud.

I also offer two visits a year in the Grand Rapids area for disadvantaged schools.