This is my letter to the world

This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,–

Emily Dickinson

As I start this blog, I do feel like I’m flinging words out into space.   But I wrote for years before I had anything published.  It might not take that long for someone to stumble over these thoughts on reading and writing, researching and revising.   This blog’s title may seem like a slightly odd clumping of elements, but every story that I’ve written has come to life because of them.  Why?

READING: No one can be a successful writer without reading extensively.  Of course, even if I hadn’t started writing, I would still be a reader.  In fact, one of my greatest achievements as a parent has been to raise three readers.

WRITING: Some people tell me that they’d like to be a writer once they get that cabin in the woods or on the beach.  But the key is to incorporate writing time into your life. 

RESEARCH: Here’s some of my favorite advice: Don’t just write what you know. Write what you care about. Pursue the subjects that fascinate you, and your passion will shine through to the reader.  This pursuit of knowledge doesn’t just take place in libraries and at my computer desk.  I have pursued interesting subjects  in, on and beside the following places: soccer fields, the Mastaba of Ptahshepses, Siena’s Campo, Merano’s portici, Missouri wineries, olive groves, my driveway.   

REVISING: I love the surge of energy and inspiration that comes with writing getting a first draft down on paper.   But I know that a scene won’t jump off the page and into a reader’s head without substantial revision.

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