A Book Binge

Claire Dunkel, the author of THE HOLLOW KINGDOM, once wrote that she never reads other people’s novels when she’s in the middle of writing one of her own books. This was years ago, and she very well may have changed her approach.  But I thought there was something to that.  I still do read, but I’m more likely to spend time rereading my favorite books–books that I can put much more easily.  But since the SCARAB is safely out the door and I’m caught up with work, I went on a reading binge this weekend.

TROUBLE by Gary D. Schmidt.  Engrossing and depressing with elements of forgiveness and redemption. My daughter asked me if she’d done anything wrong. 

Two KIKI STRIKE books.  Fun adventures with a great sense of place.  Kiki Strike’s New York is as much a character as Sherlock Holmes’ London

HERE LIES THE LIBRARIAN by Richard Peck.  I’ve been a fan of his books since GHOSTS I HAVE BEEN.  He brought some really great characters to life again.  They do, of course, remind me of some of his other characters, but mostly because of either their caring and generosity or their bravery and impetuosity.

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