In Braille

I’m afraid that I have a narcissitic habit of googling my books to see how they’re doing in the world.  Sometimes this can be depressing such as when a teacher or librarian is dismissive of my plot or characters in a blog.  At other times, delightful news can pop up.  That’s what happened today when I learned that SAVING THE GRIFFIN had become a braille book.  Wow.  First of all, some person or committee would have had to think that the project was both worthy and accessible.  And since I’m a bit hard-headed about the book business, I realize that such an undertaking would have to be quite expensive.    

I couldn’t help thinking about how Brian Jacques first REDWALL book had been intended for students at Royal Wavertree School for the Blind.  Jacques knew that he had to carefully paint his pictures with words.   So I’m hoping that my word pictures will be adequate to transport some new readers to Italy with Kate and Michael.

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