Naming Characters

Naming characters is always a challenge, but often trying to change the name at a later date is even worse.  Characters can be stubborn.  In fact, one named Werner in DEFENDING IRENE refused.   I offered him at least twenty other options. 

Katrin Ladurner from my current work in progress has promised to be equally stubborn, especially since she was the first main character from the first novel that I ever attempted.  A few years ago I went back and did something that had always sounded like sheer insanity to me: a complete and total revision in which I started with a completely blank page and started writing it from scratch.  (For more on this decision, click here.)

A good friend pointed out to me that Katrin was simply too close Kate of SAVING THE GRIFFIN.   Even though it’s hard to make this change, I know that my friend and fellow writer was right.

Here are three of my current favorites.  Feel free to make comments in comment section on any of them. 

Ariane Ladurner
Maren Ladurner
Elisa Ladurner

Or I’m open to other names with a Germanic sound.

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