Paired Texts

My friend and fellow writer Stephanie Bearce wrote in her blog about how she’s a fan of pairing fiction and nonfiction in the classroom:

“It’s a great way to get students to try new genres of books.  Those who believe nonfiction is “so boring” can learn just how exciting facts can be.  And those children who don’t like “make believe stories” can learn how much research actually goes into writing a fiction book.  Plus it makes for great discussion, stimulates student inquiry, and covers a multitude of common core requirements.  It’s a win all around.”

She used the 2015 NSTA/CBC Best Science Tradebooks List.  I was pleased and happy when she paired my Saving the Griffin with Marc Aronson’s The Griffin and the Dinosaur.   In her blog, Stephanie highlights great nonfiction and gives suggestions for lesson plans that grew out of her time in the classroom.



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