Grand Rapids Griffins

The Grand Rapids Griffin mascot posed with SAVING THE GRIFFIN and Diana Wynne Jones’ YEAR OF THE GRIFFIN.  It was pretty fun to see my book next to one by DWJ even though the only real link was the fact that we both had the word “griffin” in the title. 


Whoa!  I got some exciting news this morning.  Peachtree decided to feature SUSPECT on the back cover of their fall catalogue! Very cool.  I suspect that some of that ‘love’ has to come from the truly eyecatching look.  This is one of the times when I’m really hoping that potential readers judge my book by its cover.   I … More Peachtree


Sometimes books are challenged in libraries.  There might be a word, phrase, character or situation that people object to. But one parent really took objections to the next level when he paged through a book by Dan Gutman.  Mr. Gutman wrote about this surprising correspondence in an article for School Library Journal. (Note: Link updated.)  His experience … More Self-censorship?

The Reading Bowl Rap

It was so fun to find SAVING THE GRIFFIN in the first verse of the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 2009-10 Rap. A clever person from the DeKalb County Schools managed to work the titles for of the various books into a few short stanzas.   We’re Deep and Dark and Dangerous And you don’t need to mess with … More The Reading Bowl Rap

Uaou! Che bella!

My blog stats showed an unusual search for the Italian phrase in the post’s title.   But it looked like a phrase straight from DEFENDING IRENE, so I’m going to give a short pronunciation guide. Uaou is like “Wow” with a bit more of the “oo” sound on each end.  Che sounds quite a bit like … More Uaou! Che bella!