Narnia in Reverse

Many writers like Google alerts.  It’s a great way to see what’s going on with their latest book, especially for those of us who aren’t New York Times bestsellers.  After all,  people don’t feel the need to put up a bad review for relatively unknown authors.  But today a review of SAVING THE GRIFFIN popped up in my mailbox.  Since I resemble the elephant child in my insatiable curiosity, I checked it out here.   She compared it to “…Narnia, only in reverse, as a young griffin accidentally ends up in our world.”

Narnia in reverse–that was at least part of my intent when the idea for this book came to me.  The Edward Eager books were also a very strong inspiration since they showed bickering siblings dealing with the consequences of magic.

2 thoughts on “Narnia in Reverse

  1. You got compared to the amazing C.S. Lewis! I am so jealous and happy. Keep that review and use it to market Scarab.

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