Preparing Summaries

One of the challenges of promoting a book is figuring out how to descrbe it for various venues.  Peachtree was responsible for the following summary for the Library of Congress listing:  As the family gathers at her grandmother’s bed-and-breakfast for a murder mystery weekend, seventeen-year-old Jen confronts her ambivalent feelings about her mother, who disappeared … More Preparing Summaries

Suspect at ALA

While my friend and fellow writer Sondy Eklund was at ALA, she took a picture that included the ARCs (advanced reader copies) of SUSPECT.  I’m hoping to get permission to post soon.  It’s just so exciting for me to know that some librarians out there are going to be sitting down with all my characters for a few hours. … More Suspect at ALA

Off to the Printer

Well, that’s it.  Earlier this afternoon, I had to approve two final sections of prose.  Once I did, my editor told me, we could Push. That. Button.   I checked them.  I even read them out loud again even though I was sure my editor and the copy editor had been extremely careful to make sure … More Off to the Printer

Done? Really done?

A week ago I got the “final interior” of SUSPECT.  My editor let me know that this would be my last chance to make any comments.  Another attachment held the last few comments from the copy editor along with some impressions from  a proofreader who had never seen any of it before.  This was helpful.  I … More Done? Really done?

Mowing the Lawn

About three weeks ago, my editor called me.  We were in the middle of copy edits for SUSPECT.  Usually, this is a matter of tweaking sentences and fixing mistakes.  A few continuity issues will pop up here and there.  But this was something much bigger.  The copy editor couldn’t buy into what was going on … More Mowing the Lawn